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Alpha Data is a Xilinx Alliance Program Certified Member and has worked closely with Xilinx for many years. This relationship has yielded many benefits for Alpha Data's customers including faster time to market and a longer time in market.


Alpha Data is a member of the Wind River® Partner Ecosystem and provide VxWorks support for the entire range of reconfigurable computing products. Alpha Data provide Wind River® with FPGA solutions to compliment their embedded system based development platforms.

A global leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems, Wind River® offers a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of solutions ideally suited to address the emerging needs of IoT, from the secure and managed intelligent devices at the edge, to the gateway, into the critical network infrastructure, and up into the cloud. Wind River® technology is found in nearly 2 billion devices and is backed by world-class professional services and award-winning customer support.


Alpha Data provides a MatLab toolbox and Simulink® blockset for reconfigurable computing products. These tools allow rapid development of FPGA designs targeted at real hardware using The MathWorks™' high level tools.

Chevin Technology

Alpha Data has partnered with Chevin Technology to offer customers high performance low-latency Ethernet and SATA IP solutions for FPGAs along with expert engineering design services for a fast, efficient and cost effective development cycle.

Falcon Computing

Looking beyond parallelization and focusing on customization and specialization for energy-efficient computing, Falcon Computing provides automated compilation tools, a runtime management tool, and acceleration libraries to enable scalable and seamless integration of heterogeneous accelerating technologies into existing data center infrastructures, with focus on FPGA-based acceleration. Falcon Computing brings orders-of-magnitude performance/power efficiency improvement for key big-data applications, including machine learning and computational genomics/precision medicine.

Helion Technology

Founded in 1992, Helion is a long established British company based in Cambridge, England. They offer a range of product-proven Data Security and Lossless Compression IP cores, backed by a team of highly experienced engineers, proudly developing and supporting a world-class portfolio.

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